Forever 21

Every year, I dreaded August. And as every year progresses, I dreaded it even more. But, heck, let's just eat up, drink up, and parttayyy up!!

This week is my week. For starters, Mom prepared the traditional 'Mee Sua' for me in advanced. My granny took my 'Chinese 8 characters' for calculations when I was born, and was advised not to celebrate my birthday on the actual day lest bad fortune falls upon me.
In the evening, A & I went for a buffet at Hanabi. My favourite cuisine. And sat from 7pm all the way till 9:30pm till we had our fill. Although it was wayy too much to swallow, but I reckon we did pretty well. I was slightly tipsy towards the end, cos I was drinking some sake that I dunoe wot the alcohol content was. Haha. Being tipsy is fun! Because, being tipsy has it benefits. Like this picture below.

Tuesday came and went. And Wednesday...!

Was cupcake day. Although I din admit it was yummy then, but it sure was sweeeeeeeeet! And although you din use those colourful cute cupcake cupholders, I still think it was lovely cause there were those colourful sprinkle balls ;)

Thank you sweetheart!

Fast forwarding to Friday, I dressed up and slipped on my new (never-gonna-ever-wear-again) heels and headed down to Keppel Bay with other Ms Tan for a yummy Lamb Shank with Port Wine Sauce dinner. Coincidentally scratched and won a small birthday cake for myself there.
It has been a while since I had a good chat with Ya Li despite us meeting up almost twice a week! How ironic, but it was great fun! Then we proceed to more fun at Clarke Quay and bumped into a long time old friend. In those days, we make new friends through this network called mIRC (yes, I revealed my age), not FB!!?

Anyone heard of Social House at Clarke Quay? Yes, I have not either. But we went there anyway because its FREE! Haha. Well, my take is..... Go to BUTTERFAC!
At 2am in the morning, we club-hopped to ButterFac at One Fullerton for better & louder thumping music blasting at our ears but it was so much more exciting there!
Much more to giggle about too because younger girls just amuse Ya Li & I. Going overseas is good, but gotta watch out wot you bring back to Singapore.
It has been almost a year since I partied hard or maybe when ButterFac was in the old location & Ling was hillaaaarrriousss then (Hi Babe!!).
As much as I hate to classified birthdays as special, but this week was one. Love all my babes but hate the birthday pressie I scored for myself. A 50-cent sized blistering blister on the ball of my left foot leaving me limping around the house. Bugger!!

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  1. what are you saying??? I'm always hilarious! wahahahaha i promise! see me more hilarious when i'm back!