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My Shopping List for NYC

 Kate Spade Lily Gold Coast in Ash

 United Nude Eamz Pumps in Black Patent

 YSL Large Patent Clutch in Beige

Hermes Blackberry Case


This is how we party. Woooohoooo

Ang Pao Chart

I know I have been MIA on this blog and in any online aspect, except maybe twitter. Well, not like anyone really religiously comes back to this space to check for a new post right?!

Anyway, I have just gotten back from Melbourne, Australia and have tons to share! Of course that is because I had such a fantastic time there! Those posts to come along the way for memorial sake.

For now, I cant emphasize enough how many wedding dinner I have been invited and lined up till 2011! My woes of 'how much to give' has been resolved, not my pocket tho :/

Click for larger view!

I sure it is as useful as it is for me!

Sunshine State - Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital of Australia's Queensland state, also affectionately known as the Sunshine State! Yes, as the name suggests, it is almost sunshiney all year round. That was the main reason why I was so happy everyday while I pursued my undergrad study from 2005-2006. I even extended my stay for 3 months after my examinations ended!

In this series of travelogue of my favourite city in Australia, I will be covering the places to eat, shop and play for the following parts of Brisbane:
  1. Brisbane city
  2. Sunshine Coast / Noosa
  3. Gold Coast / Surfers Paradise
Australia is made up of 7 states, namely Western Australia (Perth), Northern Territory (Darwin), South Australia (Adelaide), Victoria (Melbourne), New South Wales (Sydney), Tasmania (Hobart), and finally Queensland (Brisbane).

And no, Sydney is not the capital of Australia although it holds the largest population of Australians there. Canberra is the capital of Australia, and probably the least number of Australians there. Haha.

Brisbane is on the most eastern part of Down Under and it takes about 6-7 hours to fly to Perth, which is the other side of the country. So there, a gauge of how big Down Under is.

Btw, Down Under is a colloquialism of Australia and New Zealand. The term comes from the fact that they are located in the southern hemisphere and below many other countries on the globe.

Now that you are more familiar with Australia, lets get down to the details on the next post! Stay tuned..

7 Ways that Taipei Beats Singapore...by MrBrown

Singapore likes to think of itself as a modern and high-end Asian city. We are cleaner, greener and leaner than our Asian neighbors, we are constantly reminded by our media and our government.
In subtle ways, our media draws attention to the flaws of our neighboring countries. Look at Malaysia and their church burning religious zealots! Look at Thailand and the instability caused by the Red Shirts versus the Yellows Shirts! Look at Taiwan and their politicians who constantly fight in Parliament!
"Aren't you glad you live in Singapore, where things are better?" seems to be the message.
It was the mental image of chair-wielding politicians that I carried with me when went to Taiwan recently. The wife and I and some friends flew to Taipei (on Singapore Airlines, of course, because it is better than any Asian airline) and spent a week there on holiday.
I was surprised by what I found. Let me share some ways Taipei kicks Singapore's behind.

How To Organise Your Jewellery

One day, I received an email from my customer asking me how I keep all my jewellery. And I was stumped cause I am always changing my organisation style and always try to make it work for me!

Still, I gladly offered my 2 cents worth and was thankfully gratified back from her. So I thought maybe you might have this information useful as well.

1. An Awesome Christmas Present (from bro) - Jewellery Hanger!
He had gotten it from Anthropology, unfortunately, the shop has closed down in March this year. I have sourced it online and found a site selling it! Check it out at here or a similar one here.

2. Mustafa is Your BFF

Search for these sort of mini drawers @ Mustafa. The one I have has 25 drawers (!!) and the best thing is, there are slots inside the drawers where you can partition it further to keep not 1 but 2 to 3 rings/bracelets/necklaces in one drawer.

Simple calculation brings you to up to 75 pieces of jewellery in that handy and neat box. Whats the best deal? Its only $9.90 each!

3. Daiso is Your Friendly (Pocket) Neighbour

Well, you might not have the exact same one but close enough! For $2, you keep your life so much more organised. And you will have no excuse for always wearing the same necklace just because the others are being kept away in a box because it is transparent!

Very compact and you can hang it anywhere from your room door to the toilet. If you travel often, simply roll it up, secure with a ribbon and off you go!

If you are telling yourself, WOW! I'd like to do that this weekend, but at the back of your mind you are thinking of giving up cause all the necklaces are tangled up and would probably take you days to sort them out.. I have a solution for you.

For the tangled necklaces/bracelets, you can use powder to detange them easily. It is also best advised to keep your pieces individually to prevent it from tarnishing and of course avoid all form of chemical reactions from soap, perfume etc.

To have those little trinkets shine again, apply small amount of toothpaste on it and small amount of water to wash it off. Alternatively, I have learned that this old school vintage face powder that your granny uses works like a charm too!

Do you have some tips too? Please feel free to share! Like I said, I love to keep "upgrading" my jewellery organisation skills. hehe. xx