Fuji F70EXR

I just had an interesting thought. Today, we learnt that God communicates to us through his own creations - Humans.

2 days back, I told A that I wanted these in a camera so that I can take better jewellery pictures.
  1. Wide angle
  2. Good low-light mode
  3. Good optical zoom
  4. Image stabilisation
A told me to get a D-SLR :( But its too chim for even this techy me!

Funnily, bro suddenly came into my room, held up his camera and said,
Nowadays, the (compact) cameras are getting so good. There's this new one from Fuji that has this, this... that... (all the above stated criterias)

Hmmm... and today's RCIA session was..... is this the presence of GOD??

Tell me wot do you think.


  • 10x optical zoom (!!!)
  • IS
  • Great low-light mode (almost no noise from the sample shots on clubsnap!)
  • 10 megapixels
  • 27mm wide angle lens
  • Awesome Pro-focus mode (takes 3-4 same pics at a shot & softens out the background automatically!!)
  • Its pro-focus mode & pro-low light mode are like doing photoshop's overlay function with a click of a finger! 
  • Super intelligent flash
  • Detects up to 10 faces!
  • Taken from: http://www.fujifilmusa.com/products/digital_cameras/f/finepix_f70exr/index.html

Could this be just the one?

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