Part of my 'Je Ne Veux Travailler' (I don't wanna work) plan, I set off to my long awaited cruise trip with Uncle J, Aunt B, Dad, & A on the SuperStar Virgo!


As far as I can recall, the last cruise I went on was during my primary school days, and Penang was the FIRST flight I ever took to as well. This cruise sure brought back many memories of my younger days.

I am so fortunate to have my Uncle & Aunt to sponsor us on this cruise. From wot I know, it will cost about at least $500 each to go for this huge luxurious ship. Whee! Let's have a tour inside this coveted ship.

This ship was completed in 1999, so today it is already 10 year-old. The interior sure doesn't look like it. It comes complete with ALL KINDA FACILITIES. Mini golf, rotating rock climbing walls, swimming pool, cinema, arcade, shopping, shows, KTV, bars, disco, gym, spa, aquaswim, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, basketball court, about 10 kinds of cuisine, tanning deck, relaxation room, library, even a childcare centre.... not forgetting the casino and a $500k WATER SLIDE! Don't believe me? See it for yourself.

The activities are endless, so is the FOOD! You can have brekkie (8-10am), brunch (1030-1130am), lunch (12:30-2pm), tea (3:30-4:30pm), dinner (6:30-9pm) and still have supper (12-1am), ALL FOR FREE. So when food is abundant, exercise is necessary. A & I spent most of our night time gyming & swimming our 'fats' away, too sinful. Urg.

And also, roulette-ing our time away! This game is so awesome, I loved it. Well, it was my virgin try on it although I knew how the game works back many years ago. Never really thought myself as a gambling one. But haha, yea. Winning is nice! :) What are the odds that you hit on the number you bet on outta the other 35 numbers? 35! (pun intended) :P Yea, I won $XX x 35 quite a number of times. Wooohoo.. Now I know why people are addicted to gambling.

However, we both took home one lesson, that is to recognise your peak and bail ;) (ok, not like you din know already).

Oh, can you believe I went to Penang and Phuket and came back with near zilch buys?! And A bought like say 7 tees, and 5 pairs of berms? Who's the woman here? (he just blasted cash on 3 pairs of shoes over last weekend too!)

Nevertheless, the company was great, so was the Thai massage! Cheap, cheap! Thereafter, I had seasick for a good 3 days :S

If you haven't been on SuperStar Virgo, its time for you to.

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