Have U Ever?

I slept at 730am this morning (because I woke at 2am). I remembered that before falling into slumber, a massive body weight was on me and I had no strength to move. Zilch, zero, NO strength at all. And, I thought I saw a face. Subconsciously, I was able to inform my mind to force some movement to shake that thing off. Somehow, strength gathered.

Twice already this was, stuck in my subconscious sleep. Boy, was that terrifying.


  1. Francis22:55

    Hey Miss tan, I would probably try and explain it scientifically for you =) it's when part of your brain is awake but some parts that move your body that aren't, creating the impression that there's a weight on your body. Plus, such hallucinations are called hypnopompic (before you wake up) or hypnogogic (before you fall asleep)..Either that or your home is HAUNTED!! =p not...hope your alrite!


  2. wassup doc?! hee.. i see ya muggin hard! hee..im alrite, jus lackin of.. erm, wots that called... hmm oh, SLEEP! see i dun even rem wots that anymore...