Love Declaration

"Hi, my mate would like to ask you a question.
(*C winds the window down)
I think you're beautiful, and
I love you."

"Eh mate, wot was your question?"

"Erm, ok. Well, thank you & good bye, I replied."

(*vrooooooooom I took off with the boys tailing us from behind looking all puzzled.)

Conclusion: Carrie & I decided to stay in on fridays or have boys in the same vehicle at all times. ;)
Have a great weekend!


  1. carrie18:15

    lol. hahah. tt was the night highlight!. i had a great nite at the supposed-to float walkway. so i guess we shld NOT stay in on fridays, instead, get the puzzled guys w us. heeheh
    seeya babe!

  2. Yes, more fridays out! Next night drive to Redcliffe? Hehz. Hey babe, your blog has been inactive! Update!