A shout-out to my partner in crime & my biatch, Anne. For all the good ol' times since the days of GESS - 2E all the way to 4I. The front rows of the class despite us being the tallest gurls in the class, cept Wendy of course. Hehz. All the criticising times along the streets of Singapore, checking out all the fashion disasters, oooogling at boys, chat-chit over sheisha sessions, sex education from a play, salivating over choc fondues and all those photo-whoring times. Not forgetting the constant whines about how we 4 can never coincide a time for a simple meal! Hope you had a swell one. I'll be back home soon enough. Muackz!

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  1. Marie23:21

    i just read yr post!!so sweet!!i love u too biatch!!!i miss those times man..quick come baaaaackkkkkkK!Muack!!