Wallow In Sorrows?

How often or not does one mop in their sorrows in the hope of seeking some comfort outta it?

How often or not does that one be determined first to overcome his/her sorrows in order to really seek comfort?

Does my questions even make sense?

In Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch says to immerse in that one emotional feeling of yours as much as you can, and remember to pick up and move on immediately after.

So my question is, should one ignore their own feelings, appear strong and be determined to not succumd to defeat or should one wallow in their sorrows first and move on and appear weak?



  1. linrong17:12

    to answer your post, i am a firm believer of drowning yourself in sorrow and pain, take time to understand what has gone wrong, what could have been done better, experience revelation, at the same time appearing pathetic and you say - weak. the crux of it is, after experiencing that lowest point, you come out of it stronger, thinking better, acting better, and maybe earning respect. i despise those who act like they are so strong yet subconsciously they know they are no better than those who wallow in pain. yeah, they can pretend to be strong and try to move on, yet the same damn thing happens again? will one handle it better and appear to be strong the 2nd time? maybe... i don't know..

  2. my sentiments exactly girlie ;) but i will try not to let people know when im all immerse in my pain.. and face it myself, alone in my own space.