On... Murphy's Law

Thy neighbour never renovates till the period you are mugging for your exams

But thats not wot I am examined on tomorrow. I'm with T.C. Beirne School Of Law, not Murphy!


  1. yaya17:26

    i feel like shit... yesterday went back NRA and when she asked to do the routine in 2s, i bloody started shaking! hello?! shaking leh!

    see lah... too long nv perform. and of course being a lau lau old senior i feel like i've something to prove. ergh! kill me!

    ok. just needed to rant.

    hang in there. (look who's ya-ya advising others)... all the best-est for the exams... starts tmrw right? *beeeeeeg hug*

  2. thankew so much my darls.

    sis: *huggies

    yaya: u went back NRA for? trainin? aku wan train too!! wait for me.. but hey, tot u've been dancin, y shake? but fret not, everyone has their moments and truth is when u wanna do your best, u would end up being the worst. so relax! and yes, its me advising u now. wot an irony! exams begins tml!