all things BEAUTIFUL~

Last night's movie - Elizabethtown - was beautiful...

The song Nai sent me - Adriana Calcanhott0 - Fico Assim Sem Vocea - was even more beautiful..

(translation by a portuguese chic)
Airplane without wings
Fire without "hot coal"
that's me without you

Football without ball
Tweety without silvester
That's me without you

Why does it have to be this way?
If my desire has no end
I want every second
Not even a thousand loudspeakers
Can speak for me
Love without kiss
That's me without you

Circus without clown
Dating without huging
That's me without you

i'm crazy to see you arriving
I'm crazy to have in my hands
Lay in your hug
Take back the piece
That's missing in my heart
i don't exist away from you
And the solitude is my worst punishment
I count the hours to see you
But the watch is mad with me
Why? Why?

Baby without pacifier
Romeo without juliet
That's me without you

Car without road
cheese without guava jam
That's me without you
*and i delicate this to you


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  2. haha i know u will like it. and how on earth do i get a radio blog on my blog? please advise via email you more-internet-it-savvy-than-me woman.

  3. anon: erm, thanks

    nai: heh heh, read my email! lurvinnnnnnnnnn it! :D