Onward GessBand

Funnily, a gathering was called for today. The GessBand members of '96 - '99.

Location: Thai Express, HV.

Time: 6.30pm

  • Huilin
  • WeiQuan
  • Mei Yan
  • Soh Yew
  • Wai Meng
  • Myself

Somehow, I was both excited yet unwillingly for this meet up. Those who know me well enough will know why. I told Meiyan, all of you walked a different path from me and the difference was obvious ever since my band days (I think). Be it how I carry out things, manage my section and organizes stuff. Cause, there are always conflicts. I have got no idea why! Haa.

Anyways, a quick update on how are they now. How about I can sum it up in 2 sentences? All except Waimeng are in NUS. Waimeng just ORD & is working as an administrator at Ubi. (2 sentences huh?) Ok, take a look at the pix and you can tell.

::weiquan & meiyan::

::me & waimeng::

::Quan, Yen & SohYew::

Well, everyone looked pretty much the same cept for the rebounded hair and beefier WaiMeng. (Oops, no trace of Huilin here, she is shy.)

You know, everyone felt the awkwardness amongst us this time. Well it has been eons since we saw each other. At least for Huilin, WeiQuan and Waimeng lar. Ever since sec4 me think. It like we spoke, chatted, laughed, then silent.. *thinks thinks.. spoke, chatted, laughed, then *thinks thinks.. Ha ha, get the picture? Weird huh! Its like no one dared to ask stuff, neither do I really bother to.. so too bad lar. On another hand, I weren't close to them either. Aiya! Im such an outkast man, since secondary I have this symptom already, darn!!

I guess Im not the kind of person who will be willing to compromise just to keep the friendship. As in, I wont just give in just to maintain it lo. If we are not meant to be friends, we are not. If we were, we will be. No point having to always tolerate others silly, childish, naive acts. Cause what you hide and keep inside you, eats you from within. One day you will lose yourself and lose your soul. The world is so big, you scare you not enough friends meh? Making friends are fated as well! Friends are also the ones that build, break, betray, etc you. Alrite, a friend that breaks and betrays you arent called friends in the first place. But, we gotta be friends first, then you learn from wot they have done to harm you and in turn you grow and builds your character. Am I right? Im one classic living example okay, especially in my days in poly I have grown at. (oh, I can so go on and on and on on this.. ) Anyhow, for me, a couple of close ones are sufficient for me, the rest can go into my acquaintance list. However glad still, to have them (acquaintances) to be part of my life, though small but you will never know how this relation can develop into.

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