Went for old neighbour timothy's 21st bday BBQ at HillSide, Upper Bukit Timah yesterday. May i jus say im ahbor with the residents behaviour there? Lemme highlight you some points here.

  • at 10.15pm, security came looking for the owner and reported complaints from the residents there. Wot abt? that the BBQ smoke was disturbing them (?!) So, had to cease cooking immediately. Wot rubbish, my estate's till 11pm lo.

  • whilst photo taking, someone from upstairs shouted, "SHUT UP!!" Now now, who's the disturbing one huh? Goshhhh...

  • then at 10.45pm, again came the running security guard frantically looking for the so-called owner, said we're too rowdy. Now, how u expect teenagers, oh no.. i mean youths to celebrate a 21st birthday without a wee-bit of sound huh? Thumbs down to those snobbish rich people there. So rich go live in private estate lar! =P

Too bad Dear brought my digi home accidentally, or i would have nicey pix to post up. **pouts

Afterwhich, Dear (pls do not be mistaken, her name is really dear ) & I went to meet Terence at Mdm Wong's. The music was absolut smooth! The deejay-ing skills were superb! but got brought down by the crowd cos i spotted many round belly uncles.. like Terence's friend whom is susposely his classmate but looked so .. eeek.. bleahzzz.. however, according to Mr. Wongster (not chiongster), Wednesday nights are pretty alrite, but how i go?

Again, no digi, no pix. **sad.. (dear tan!!! all your fault. haha.. kiddin lar, she's such a darling..hee)

Alrites, no more. Till then, OUT.

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