Pin's Pre-departure dinz

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************ Updates ************

Bon Voyage to ah Pin! She flew off on Sunday 01/08/04 to Brisbane for her final semester b4 she take a stride into this reality world of mine. Anyways, we were at MoonFish Pasta restaurant on thurs 29/07/04 with BMW Leslie, auntie wendy & prettilicioouss siew pin. Under the recommendation of auntie wendy of cos, with her fabulous 1-for-1 voucher. *yum. the food was pretty normal I would say cept the tenderloin wasnt dat fantastic. Recommended for all who needs a nice quiet ambience for dining. ;)

:: MoonFish Pasta ::

:: MoonFish Combo ::

:: e not so fantastic beef tenderloin special ::

:: Lobster & Chicken Pasta ::

Then we.. no, they took pictures of themselves without me, cos I was on the phone **urghh. Bad people..

:: 3 of themm... ::

:: Les & Pin ::

:: Wen & Pin ::

To end the day off, auntie wendy & purplicioouss me took a free ride home from BMW Leslie **shameless us!!

:: Cool dashboard ::

:: I do not wanna send u 2 home! (haa.. oh well ) ::

:: quick! a pix at the traffic light junction! heee ::

And now finally a pix with me in it.. **wink

:: finale ::

************** Updates **************
P/s: cant possibly post all the pix up, so click on the link above to view on my online album! So anyone noe how to make a photo collage/mosaic thingie for me? teach me ya? so dat i can post many pix in one file. (if u noe wot im saying.. )

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