you know wot, im lazy to write on my diary so i decided to blog here instead since no one reads it anyway.. i was happy den i got affected when grace told me she's goin to the army mkt with nai.. im not being mad at him but im juz curious n yet upset why he dun ask me along when he goes out when his frens... im not sayin i must always tag along.. but not even an invitation.. guess he's afraid i'll get bored or something.. but to me it occurs to me that he jus wanna be with his frens... ok not being selfish here.. but always? argh.. b4 he enlisted, his frens ask he out.. this day that day.. after his work (the break b4 he enlist) seem like all the days are filled. so ware's mine? i wondered. then he said.. "not like u cant come along ma... " but to me.. is like.. you didnt invite me out with yer frens wot! but i juz kept quiet. i figured if i were to 'scream' somemore.. i'll be deemed unreasonable.. cos pple will say "give the boy a break lar.. he's goin ns and all already" did anyone think how i felt? ok why let pple affect wot u think... ? i really dunoe.. but pple comments JUS affects me dat much. . .(now im feelin guilty and dumb thinkin this way.......arGHhhh.....)

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