ARGHhhh!!! accidentally pressed the back button and wotever i juz typed is gone! damn it.. anyway was jus moanin on the fact dat im such a useless bum while my frens (namely, grace, suat, wendy, eugene) are sloggin @work, makin themselves useful and all..... and me? HOME BUMMIN! STILL.. I dare say IM LAZY TO GO OUT TO FIND A JOB!! how disgraceful can i get? (hey dats one will do when she's ill, juz sit at home and think negative!) actually i should spend time takin up a course or something, since i rather study than work.. alrite.. i shall do that den.. anyway no one has replied my icq msg, how loser am i? oh well, i was loggin on to find someone to cheer me up.. apparently none of them could be bothered with me.. *sobZz*

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