After the long wkend he had, its time to be back to "home". its quite amazin wot one can do within a day.. on sat alone we watched 2 movies, 4 serial drama and had dinner with our family... to me it was pretty incredible.. =P been a long time since i las blog ago.. oh oh.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY YALI! (if ya readin this.. hehe) gonna meet her soon.. but she's goin back to melb again!!!!!!! *sobZZzzzzz* life's boring again.. aye.. oh well.. got tons to do also actually, muz consider the universities to apply for... (dad said can send me overseas.. ) but im relunctant.. not dat i dun wan.. i afraid my parents cant support us financially for long..... it's such a strain.. my bro 2 yrs... and 2 yrs for me also... gosh.. i'll see how... any advices?

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