Quick Tips

I've learnt that when you are in Taiwan . . .

  1. If you still something you fancy (whenever its food or apparels), just get it right at the moment. Because more often than not, the police comes and poof! are all the unwarranted hawkers.
  2. Do not eat the brekkie provided by the hotel - street hawker soyabean milk is tastier when you are having the chills by the road. 
  3. You watch TW variety shows in the morning because shops only open at 11pm - great reason to wake up late
  4. First meal there is always meant to be wrong.
  5. If you see those super tall icecreams on a cone, just eat them.
  6. Smelly tofu smells & tastes awesome
  7. Never go up Taipei 101 on a rainy day
  8. Taiwan girls are just made-up (pun-intended)
  9. Club Primo is overhyped
  10. Hello Kitty is less 'ah-lian' in Taiwan and its cooler to like it there than in Singapore.

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