Taipei 101

Taipei 101 was recorded the world's tallest building from 2004 to 2010, preceding Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers. It is also known as Taipei's Financial Centre. However Burj Khalifa surpassed this record on its official opening day - 4 January 2010.

Although it is 101 storey high, the observatory deck is on its 89th floor. And if you are unlucky like me, you happened to be there on a gloomy wet day, just proceed to the 86th floor of scenic restaurants for food!

The misty view from the 86th storey, everything else looks like ants running amok beneath our feet. Inside this restaurant, it is tastefully decorated with elements of oriental and modern finishing. Other than the menu being printed in Mandarin, the rest is all good.

We each ordered a set lunch, I think was about 6 course including dessert. The chef was very kind to allow me to swap my steamed promfret to cod fish instead. I just dont quite fancy the Chinese method of steamed fish, especially those served in weddings and reunion dinners! I am always forced to swallow them down. *gags.

I love the fact that Taiwanese Chinese food comes with appetizers akin to those in Korean restaurants, they call them 'xiao cai'. Simple dish of black beans will make me jump to the waitress and ask how they prepared it, it was sweet yet not overly done. My favourite was the 'Granny Soup' and mango pudding. Again, the sweetness was subtle and perfect. 

More about Taipei 101 architecture- If you notice, it is designed in duplicated segments stacked above each other. They resemble pagodas with a bamboo sticking out, and bamboo symbolises learning and growth.

Why 101? - Other than it has 101 floors, 101 represents a notch better than perfection, noting that 100 is the tradition benchmark a perfect mark. 

An interesting fact - Remember how the pre-historic people read time? In the afternoon, the shadow of the building adjoins with the bottom and acts as the face of a sundial. 

Overall, Taipei 101 is a tourist site that you should at least take a look when you are there. If you prefer to enjoy the view while sipping your hot soup, and avoid the tour groups, do try the 86th scenic restaurants (min. NT 800). Else, your entry to the observatory deck will cost you NT 400.

Btw, if you are a Miu Miu (3F of Taipei 101) fan, you will be pleased to know that its about S$200-300 cheaper than in Singapore, before claiming the 5% tax! Tax claim is also absolutely a breeze. ;) 

 ^ Aunt Chris who is elated about her new buy

Located on No. 7 Hsin Yin Road Sec 5, Taipei 110
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm
Entrance Fee: NT400 (adult); NT370(childen under 12); NT350 (group concession)
How to get there: MRT - alight at Cityhall MRT station and take a 10mins stroll or a 5mins shuttle bus located outside the station
More: here

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