Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe

This is a post that can cause extreme reactions - WHOA!! I LIKE, or SHIT, wots wrong with Eun?

This fictional figure produced by Japanese company, Sanrio is who I actually grew up with. I had the comb+mirror set, face towels, purse, sweets, and even the toys! You girls remember the mouse, Joey? He is always forgotten.

Joette and I had this conversation on choosing this cafe vs the Modern Toilet cafe. And she rather go to Hello Kitty than to eat 'shit' for food. Haha. Livia (ex-colleague) who was there to visit her boyfriend joined us at the cafe as well.

This is wot we had: Hello Kitty Burger, Tiramisu, Vegetarian Spaghetti, Fruit Tart, Soda & Latte. I must admit I am in awe with the efforts they put in in decorating the food. However, for the taste, its just average. Just soak up the kitty atmosphere, enjoy the photo-taking sessions and spotting the Hello Kitty ornaments around.

Pretty? I must admit that the merchandise sold in Taiwan is way better than those in Singapore. Maybe more of the red bow kitty is carried there, which I prefer over the pink ones. My mom really instilled her Hello Kitty craze in me but I am so obsessed with them that I will get the entire range of Hello Kitty from maccas when it came out in 2000. Haha.

One thing I must mention is the waitresses there are absolutely rude and squeaky. That's due to the high volume of people wanting to eat in there. So be sure you make a reservation!

Address: Dan-an Road, 90, Sec 1, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: (02) 2711 1132
How to get there: Cab (from XMD ~NT140) or Stop at Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station & take a stroll
Min. spending: NT400, all dishes come with a drink & complimentary dessert

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