P.S. I made this

P.S. is a movement - which will probably put me outta business if everyone re-invent, re-use and re-imagine the jewellery they see.

However, I think it is an awesome way to go chic and cheap (read:budget) at the same time. Especially on the 're-use' bit, even A (go green!) will go nodding his bobbing head ;)

The founder of this innovative DIY brand is by Erica Domesek. I am impressed by this movement because it is akin to the manner I work. Daily lifestyle, observations, people, surroundings, web, television, celebrities, household, and the like can be inspirational and re-created with your own interpretation to be incorporated into your style! I say this woman has the eye for detail.

 {image source: psimadethis}

PS- I'm loving the ideas!!

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