Work has became the centre of my life. But with all the making, creating, updating, editing, tweeting, ps-ing, ai-ing, blah blah blah, I have become a workaholic. Quoted from my bro,
"My sister works 24/7"
I didn't mind because I was enjoying my work that's why I work non-stop right? But with the latest javascript failing on my site, I am officially put off!

Is this all worth it at all?



  1. YES!! Even if it does not turn out what you expect it to be, its still worth the try and best of all you enjoy your work! =)

  2. it's worth all the happiness u derive from it!

  3. I just occurred to me that this is now your full time gig! You have no idea how comforting it is to see a friend (a good friend at that!) going solo chasing the dream. The hours are going to be long but I promise it's going to fly right by before you even realise it. Enjoy the ride and Good Luck!

    P.S Couldnt help but notice you don't have any analytics software e.g. Google Analytics, on your blogs to track your visitors. I'm sure you're uber busy but setting it up with Google is really quick (and relatively painless) and the information you'll get is invaulable really. Do check it out if you have time!

  4. babes: thank you, its really tiresome with all the tweeting and everything.. but i will preserve till i make it!
    nai: you realised it so late! hahhaah..yea full time gig it is! Yea those analytic stuff im still trying to catch up. tried it with Google and seem to encounter some prob.. owell, I will figure it out something, I hope! thanks btw!!