Things I dislike (and sometimes hate)

  1. People walking behind an obviously reversing vehicle
  2. Littering
  3. Doing actions/things which you are advised not to
  4. Cabs picking up speed once you hit your left/right arrow signal when you're on the road
  5. Vehicles signaling wayyyyyyyy too advanced
  6. Vehicles not signaling (haha, sounds contradicting but its not)
  7. Stereo-typing lady driver as a -fill-in-the-blank- driver (I happen to be an great excellent one)
  8. When I'm given the date when I wanted the day (vice-versa)
  9. People in powerful/ luxurious/fast cars who do not know how to park :/
  10. Girls screaming "I love FASSSsssT cars" when they do not know shi*t about cars (they meant the pockets of the drivers?)
  11. Speaking to me when I just woke up
  12. Correcting me
  13. Assuming every road is "on-the-way" just because you stay in (god-forgotten) boon lay
  14. Not knowing how to say "no"
  15. Poor communication skills
  16. Pretentious party girls
  17. If I were to continue, no one is going ever speak to me... :) Now, beware people!

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