Yesterday, I finally buckled up my courage to go for my blood test. Well, I did it because I needed to take my hepatitis jabs before I jet off to Viet. So at 8pm last night, I squirmed, dodged and quivered down to Dr Chin's clinic for it, and it was indeed terrifying!! However, A kept telling me that I was just imaging things.

Thereafter, A & I went to a nearby coffeeshop to packet dinner before heading home. While I was waiting for my pork ribs rice, my head spun and so did the surroundings. I searched frantically for A and the sight of him gave me a form of relief. However, soon after, I blanked out and my face was a sheet of paper.

"Rub harder, rub more, be more daring, just RUB!!" Thats all I heard when I was regaining my sense of hearing, sight and smell. I vaguely saw a few uncles and A standing around me. A was vigously rubbing the medicated oil on my temples and my upper lips.

"The colours are back, the colours are back!" the uncle announced. I peeled my eyes open and the stinging sensation came on. I was feeling much better and the first words I spoke was "It was not in my mind, I am really weak."

For now, I am avoiding that coffeeshop for a week and remind A to put a bottle of medicated oil in his trusty backpack. How embarrassing!!

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