Public-ize & Me, Myself

After many years, I have decided to public-ize myself and share my life again with everyone & anyone. I am ready for a change!

Obvious to some, I am into this Me, Myself thing. It is a new branding by Adidas advocating the importance of time to oneself. I used to be spending a lot of time to myself in the past by having lunches/coffee by myself, people-watching at Orchard Road, reading a book at Borders, listening to music at That CD Shop, doing night jogs, photography, watching a movie, gym workouts and sharing my life to those who cared about me. Today (now that I have more free time on hand), I devote more time and love to myself.

p/s: I had also added a 'Subscribe to me via Email' link on the main page :)


  1. Not to sure what is this Me, Myself thing but check out!

  2. oh im at nychng should you decide to join!

  3. i jus did! ;) i reckon u are the only one still following my blog. hahahahahha