'Home Sweet Home'

Someone once mentioned to me that I do not look forward to coming home, then it stuck me. He is indeed right. Cause I teared when I saw that mat saying that abovementioned phrase the other day at my neighz doorstep. It occurred to me then, that it doesnt apply in my life.

I define home with peace and comfort, but noise, questions, worries, angst and discomfort surrounds me. The lack of privacy and space, more like breathing (not living) space.

I laid down pondering if its all worth while. Wot could have been done better to prevent this? Wot could I've done to have gotten the returns in another method? Lamenting, whinging, or blaming everything and anything in the world but oneself. Bigger words, bigger burden, bigger responsibilities come with age.

Wot would one do when your homecoming is just everything above instead of the peace and comfort I defined, home?

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