Warning! Its a disgustingly long post.. ;p

Does folks understand the true meaning of a job? It seems like it is just a source of income to them. Experience does not have to be relevant. They have no understanding to the word passion, because passion does not earn them money.

What does money do to one? When you're in Singapore, is money a form of status or form of survival?

For those younger working generation adults (read: 25 - 39), I reckon passion is their survival and work is not just work. So I really sense sincerity when they advise u not to rush into the first job, and thats the most valuable.

Passion is still evident, as I have friends seeking higher level in what they do. PHDs in areas that most Singaporeans would deem, waste of time and money. Nonetheless, irregardless of their motives, a PHD is A BIGGIE, a huge one, it takes much effort, time, readings and gosh, words to complete one thesis, and we're talking about many many thousands here. Besides, without passion, and maybe of course their intelligence, it wouldn't have them scored a scholarship, right?

Well, many might agree with me on this, many wouldn't. Would you laugh at me if I were to say I might have such mentality in me too? Look, if your folks had brought you up with the emphasis on money, would that be instilled in you unknowingly? That material does matter to you in life and back to the above point, does money lives you, or u live money? For that I meant, money for survival or money for (more) material?

One close buddy I spoke to recently told me that he is sadden to see the streets filled with bankers with the unspoken fact of earning big money. He is sadden not because he has plenty of competitors out there, because he would stand out no matter wot. Anyway, he is because he (is) studied Investment and Risk Management because he has the immerse passion for it, not the passion for money. He gets annoyed when he is judged as one of those people who will be earning big bucks in future. And gets even more annoyed when he sees himself explaining about himself about every other thing when there's no need for that as no matter wot, you are already being judged.

This brings me to another point, why is there so many WHYs in this world? Do you find yourself constantly having the need to explain yourself? So why do you wanna go there for dinner? So why do you wanna work in this line? Why do you wanna have this? Why do you have this accent? Why? Why? Why? Do people listen nowadays? Are you being heard at all?

While having my haircut, I read this article on Her World. Yes, not quite a reliable source but thats where ladies like me get their monthly gossips. Anyhoo, it mentioned this term called the 'Premature Closure' which is greatly seen by men. It means, when a woman goes to a man to 'bitch', he doesnt 'listen' and give his advice almost immediately. Apparently, its prevailing, at least to all my gfs. It is hard to 'bitch' to guys when all we want is to be heard and empathized. Like wot I used to say to my old guy, I dont need another parent. Well, from another guy perspective, if you wanna 'bitch' go to your gfs, that is wot they are there for. Ah, word of wisdom. Still, girls just wanna be heard. So to all the guys reading this post, don't jump into the consultation mode, jus let us rattle on, say "Yes, she's a bitch", and we would be all hyped again. Hehee.

So, after all the months of disappearance on this blog, I rattled too much to delete now, so try to enjoy. Last advice: No one dictates you but yourself.


  1. Not extremely long when compared to mine, haha.

    My cousin sums it up best though. "Dare to dream and dare to believe", she once wrote. Then go for it!

    And speaking of which, Ms Tan, where is your online jewellery store that you told me about previously?

  2. hehz, i believe u're the only one that read it hehe.

    thks for the encouragement babe... as for my online jewel store.. guess that has been on hold for a million years already! :P

  3. ger, u gotta love wat you do or else u'll lose all interest in your job... good luck in e job hunt n no, it's not too long a post cuz i read it all e way thru! =p

  4. thks fly.. its only with such reminders then I remember. how've u been? Hope ya doin great!

  5. somehow i think your post about your 'banker to be friend' didnt quite come out the right way.
    *blink* *blink* |||-_-