For those that stood by me and struggled thru my uni days, thank you. You guys have been awesome and I am blessed for your presence. Assignments & exams that ended my uni life in a blast has closed a chapter of my life and soon to be opening another.

Parents are silent heros of the family, for my overseas stint would not happen without their support & love, thank you. As much as you're stayin strong for me, I am staying strong for you & myself. Whether times have made us stronger or more vulnerable, it takes YOU to decide. Tho I do wonder if God has made my hands too small this year, as there is so much one can hold with their hands.

As for my brissy mates (graduated or not), the day soon is approaching for my depart. Y'all made Brissy alive for me that fonderness has grew and its hard to let go. Happy & carefree days are ceasing, meeting up once a week is a must when we return.

Today is a gift, for it is the present. So, LIVE IT UP peeps!

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