Holding Back

My tears ducts are constantly filling up by itself each time I think of the time we spent together merely a week ago.

Then again, it fills up when I see the number of incomplete assignments I have in hand too.

But, before I digress, I had the ball of my time there. You may say, wots so interesting about Perth? I must say its the company that matters all. Koj, that is. And his coterie, namely Bryan, Chris, Irish-Sherif, Jerry, Julian, Kenneth, Lucas, Mark, Mel, Raymond & Sharon. I miss all the good times already. Really can I hardly wait to have that sorta fun again.

1 group, 1 presentation, 2 indv & 4 final papers to go!

And yes I know as you read on, you are expecting me to log wot I ve done in Perth. But hell, Im lazy. But it will be in my private journal and always in my memories.

Pics are avail tho. Collage to be up soon.

Feel free to comment.

Meanwhile, do note that this might jus be a PMS post. Heh.


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