Surprise? Surprise! Surprised!!!

Yes, yes. Im once again late for the updates.

Here goes!

11:58 am : (phone rang) Koj called and sung me my first birthday song for the year *muackies*

12:00 am : (phone rang) Ya Li was second in line.

Concurrently, my other phone rang. Jasmine neighz commanded me to open my door. And there she was standing so beautifully with a card & a bouquet of gerberas!!!!!!

Then, my phone started buzzing off again. Her guy, Jonathon sent me his wishes too :D

Wot's next? My house phone buzzer went off and came Rahman & Jun at the door with my birthday cake! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...............!!!!!

to Those that made it happened! Thanks!

Im loved!!

:: click on collage for clearer view ::

- Part II & III coming up soon...


  1. u got my card babe?

  2. i sure did!!! thanks! will include special thks in my part II series.. haha..