Lasagna Partay!

On that faithful day, people keep pouring into our door for my 'lil' gathering. And for that, I am thankful and I am blessed.

Special thanks to ....

  • Chef Bjorn for the sumptuous lasagna, salad and tasty mushroom soup! - yummmmilicioooousssss!!
  • Boon, Jun, Kelvin, Rahman & Ruth for the pixie fairy earrings and alluring bouquet of flowers - e hots!
  • Ashley, Gillian & Yiwen for their top-notch taste in choosing the silvery handbag & the scarf that made Grace go WAH! - lust!!
  • Grace (Kiong) for the basic visor that every girl should have - appreciated!
  • Lionel & Loucelle for the scent-ual voucher - adore!
  • Nai & Minyi (+earrings) for swimming a birthday card across the ocean - remembered!!
  • all that called/sms-ed/msn-ed/friendster-ed wishes to me as well. - thanks for letting me know that im still in your heart :)
  • Last but not least, e parcel that flew over from WA - Part III

This is Part II

::click on collage for clearer view::


  1. hihi sweetie!
    glad that u had fun!

    love n kisses,

  2. hey hey, surely i had fun! esp. with everyone's presence. hehe.. *hugs*

  3. thought u got a red visor last year for your birthday?

  4. yea, i did! dat was red. this yr, its a white, brown billabong one :D

  5. coolllll ure in brissy land too! =) you and gracie can take care of each other. girl power yeah~!!

  6. hey girlie!! how hav u been? yea,im with graz in brissy. she din tell u?

  7. heya ;) im slogging my life away here.. hahah think i forgot or something but its cool cos both you can do girlie stuff everyday! yr blog's sooo nice, teach me how to do the pretty collages soon! :)

  8. aye, i dread sch work too. darn. anyhow, collages!u can try the collage maker trial pack from then move on to adobe elements 2 and play ard. shldnt be tough! jus pop me a msg if u needa ya?? hee..have fun! :D