I Condemn Forever 21!!

Went to town yesterday evenin, alone, to collect a bag @ wisma. And whilst thinking how to deal with my dinner, I went frolicking around shops to shops. Here I landed upon Forever 21. Despite knowing how long the queue has always lined down onto the stairways, I still stepped foot in. Then, at the bargain corner, i found out there's a Dressing Room downstairs, which is perpetually empty!! (read: shocked face, and happy of cos) So here I embarked my tour around this messed up shop, and I found 1 pretty pink skirt and this bohemian top, which both, and most clothes, cost S$43!! Aside that, I still went on trying, and of cos in that secret Dressing Room I jus found.

Tried the top, *rings* Fly called and I was happily chatting tilllll...................

"Miss! Miss!"
"Is there another person inside with you??"
"No! I'm ALONE! On the phone!"


Thereafter, I continued my conversation.. Yada, yada yada... I hung up. THEN........

"Dear, the Dressing Room upstairs is open, this one downstairs is CLOSED!"
"Wot?!", I thought. Ridiculous.
I remained silent. With a SUPER-PISSED and this IS a DRESSING ROOM look.

I swang open the door, gave a HARD stare & stormed off***

I was fuming mad, want to kick a fuss, but yet I felt defended and unprotected cos i was there at that situation, alone. I needed so much for Yali or Grace to bitch with. Cos I know they surely understood me and will help me there and then. yes yes, I know, a few more months only!! :(
Shopping jus aint the same without either, tho the place, items and environment have never changed......
- but I WILL be fine! :D
p/s: Nai, can your aunt teach a thg or two to her girls??

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  1. wat's that horrible girl's name? shall make nai complain to his aunt and teach that horrible girl a lesson. stupid idiots with totally no EQ!!! dumb dumbs!