Hong Kong/Shen Zhen Factory Visit 09/03 - 12/03

Once again my troubles came, just hours from my departure my distributor reported a loss of a closed relative. So one guest will not be able to join us at the trip, which means, I have to cancel a hotel room LAST MINUTE! Just spoke to the hotel in charge, thank goodness they are waiving off the penalty. *phew

I really dunoe who to believe, my immediate boss (A) or my big boss (Y). My immediate boss just told me stuff that painted a nice picture of himself, and ET and WY warned me about his cunningness. Who should I believe? Y pointed my name to A, asking "Dun you think your staff has betrayed you?" Yada yada, having the intentions to cancel me from this trip. But yet on another hand, could the story be the other way round? And freak, A just got me to handle inbound for 2 weeks, with 2 new temp girls baggage. I say, Good luck to myself.

Quote and unquoted by me,

"If I am able to handle 3 person's duties, I will be GOD and I will worship MYSELF. "
- i wont be able to enjoy this trip at all.. urgh!


  1. dear, jus hang in there. i'm sure u can make it. ur a smart girl, that's why ur my darling girl ya... xian? jus call me ya...

  2. hey gurl, thks for the encouragement. I pretty much needed that a lot!! *muaacks!