Yes, yes, I Know

Hee! Many of you are complaining abt my one mth once updating. But I've no choice. Been very very very busy @ work! I even went back to work last sat. Can u believe? I still cant. Well, today im on MC, yet im not gonna post a long entry. Cos i spent most of my time changing the blogskin! Nicey? Liked it? Love it, i know. *shameless*

Anyhow, my random thoughts...

  1. Threesome: An agreement by the girl to let the guy *ahem* with another female counterpart in bed???
  2. So, do the working ladies have lesser capabilities to own a car? Cos i always see females bus-ing and walking to their workplace, ware are the guys? Does this mean the ladies are less capable? Hmmmmm....
  3. Life are made up of choices, do YOU make them or the seeming RIGHT moral values/principles make them?
  4. Timing IS everything.

Hmm, think thats abt it. For one i know, I must not be the walking working ladies when I grow up (ok, yes, im older already, eh u noe wot i mean lar).

OKokokok, sick gurl gotta sleep. I try to upload my animated .gifs soon. Seems like its too big for my picture host to handle.

oh, a jacket i fell in love with... anyone wanna get it for me? Clue: its from Nautica!


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