Thailand 2004/05 - Im ready to blog!!

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This trip was such a BLAST! Tho, yes I do admit I expected more shopping and explore new malls and clubs but on another hand if it wasn't for all those road trips I wont be able to enjoy and treasure the little novelties in life that one often forget or simply too busy to enjoy. You know how often people say one always overlook the little details in life especially with this fast moving society like Singapore is. This trip made me stop and take a look and breather from everything else and I am certainly grateful to Ya Li's dad for making this trip possible for me.

Besides, I had Ya Li for the whole 8 days to myself!! Hahaha, sounds a little psychotic? But being apart for numerous months, she in Melbourne, myself in Singapore, I surely do miss her a lot. So let me be!!! *chuckles. Moreover after she goes off back to Down under, I will probably see her end of this year, if I am able to travel to Victoria to look for her OR I will only see her in June 2006 when I graduate. So ya, yet another reason why this trip was so dear to me.

Now onto the nitty critty details of this trip. Foremost I wanted to do a Day 1 to Day 9 itinerary in details but I reckon it will take me another say 1 month? Haa! So, just a brief will do and else summarized.

I have never in my 21 years of life had so many coconut drinks & tom yum soups in a span of 9 days! Thank goodness I din have a run, else it will jus ruin my wonderful trip. It was a daily intake of seafood, tom yum soup and coconut juice. However, it was all good, especially savoring these delights on 2 occasions. Once at Pattaya, where Ya Li's fam and I had seafood by the breezy Jom Tien Beach and basked under the sea. The coconut and crabs tasted especially yummilioooous that afternoon. The other was when we had our dinner by the river, with the absolutely fabulous steaming pot of tom yum soup. That sizzling yet chilly feeling all at the same time. Yummmmmmms!

Furtheryet, it has been eons since I played on a swing, flew a kite, sat on a rocking horse, stood on a merry-go-round and stopped to smell a rose. It's the simple life that all should live instead of the materialistic, fast-paced, demanding society that we are at now. Don't you think so?

Guess that's all for my thoughts on this trip. Below is the outline of my trip. Enjoy the pictures too! ;)

Day 1 - 26th December 2004 (Boxing Day/Tsunami Catastrophe)
Ford Everest a.k.a the world's COOLEST SUV Sukhomkit 62 Chatucha Market Siam Square

Day 2
Awareness of the catastrophe to Asia BRT MBK Emporium Siam Discovery Shoes Saxophone Pub

Day 3
DVD/VCD Factory Visit Road Trip Kanchanaburi Death Railway Night Market Buddha Bar Latin Jazz 75 baht tops

Day 4
Museum Visit Road Trip Bangkok River Side Dinner Grilled Cuttlefish

Day 5
Shopping World Trade Center Skirts Tops Tees Saxophone Pub

Day 6 - 31st December 2004 (NYE)
Road Trip Pattaya Kite Coconuts Seafood Manicure Pedicure Parasailing Snap Snap Snap Orange House Jenga!!!

Day 7 - Roooooster 2005
Go Kart Bungee Racing Tracks Bangkok River Cruise Dinner

Day 8
Road Trip Ayttaya Wats Temple Remains Buddha Elephants Bangkok Leoland Last Min Shopping MK Steamboat Pack up

Day 9 - 3rd January 2005
Airport Breakfast Home Sweet Home
Animated Gifs!

::ridiculous me::

::yet to grow up kids tryin to destroy the horse::

::ya li & dad on swing high::

elephant time for ya li & bro::

Thats abt all! For the whole 500 worth of pictures, pls refer to the post below. Cheerios!

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