which one are you closer? dad or granny?

this simple ques shot me through and its really true. her arguement do stand.. but its jus a simple small wish of granny's.. is it so hard to be fulfilled? to see
her granddaughter whom she took care of since young till 'then' ..

this is the result of a quarrel of the older generation that affected us all and not only them. Since i was pri 4, i was separated from my beloved cousin whom i
practically grew, eat, shit, dance, frolick together since the day i was born. Yet today, we are jus merely cousins who are searchin for the love we lost eons ago.
I dont understand, people always say.. let the older generation handle their own problems and the younger generation dun interfer. However, every CNY, all the relatives only ask for her.
Requestin me to bring her to visit granny for once.. this went on for years, and i reckon its time for me to action. but....

I understand her worries, uncle H will definately flip if he EVER finds out.. which is also pretty easy to be discovered after some tot. My granny will probably
tell and share her joy ard... which sooon will get into uncle H's ears. Then, a series of arguements will upstorm.

Dont you think we are in such tough positions?

We cant do either, and we are gonna do neither.

Its a stint left by them, that will probably vanish together with her when she....

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