the long awaited BATAM TRIP!

*batam getaway 14/11/04 ~ 16/11/04

day 1

Our long planned hols finally came, however tL & I (aka couple 1) werent as excited as Nai & Gracie (aka couple 2). Couple 1 & graz reckon that Bintan was much prettier than Batam immediately after we arrived at Batam Ferry Terminal. The sea alone was enough to fail our expectation. Nevertheless, we shall jus make the fullest out of it! Seasports! Seafood! Sea! Sand! Sea! with our other lovey doveys..Within an hour of ferry & shuttle ride, we set foot upon on our pad for the next 3 days, Turi Beach Resort.

Naturally the first place we check out was the local seasport station that was jus 2 mins walk from our rooms (minus all the stairways of cos). Wait, i must say this, there are like nearly 4 flights of stairs just to get down from our huts and to the swimming pool/sea. Can you imagine the time we spending crawling up & down the stairs throughout this hols? Check out our calf muscles man! Aiyo! ANYWAY, due to the low tide in the afternoon we only can manage to squeeze a half an hour jet skiing which was so FUN! Cutting the waves, riding on it, speeding thru the unlimited boundary of the sea........ darn cool. My dar is the real speedy gonzale. He is so warped! He was flooring the acelerator and bet the speed was like 60km? on sea! I was screammmmming my head OFF & grabbing so tight onto him lest i fall! total madness but totally AWESOME.

Next up we lounge by the pool for our late lunch.. and i mean really lounge. There were seats inside the swimming pool and we had our fish & chips, chicken in the basket, club sandwich and cocktails inside the pool! We did a lil swimming around and for once dar could carry me ! Cos in the pool ma.. lighter and easier. Haha, we were acting like teenagers! Silly us. Afterwhich we lounge around and head back for our bath. Then we had our by far the most sumptuous meal ever! Cheapest as well. Its Amazon Seafood Restaurant, just beside the ferry terminal. So my reccomendation here - Go take a ferry to Batam instead of JB for the most divine & worth it seafood ever without any traffic jams! 4 of us ordered 5 dishes and despite being the Hari Raya season, there were not much food left, we still managed to get the many that we wanted. Crabs, butter prawns, scallops, frog legs, tom yam soup, fried rice, kangkong, kailan, gong-gong, claypot tofu, were wot we had in 3 days and amazingly no matter wot we order, 5 dishes price always sum up to S$59 and its like S$15 each pax! Now tell me ware else can you go but batam??

day 2

We had breakie, then off we go for our highly anticipated wakeboarding session. We were speedboat to a mangroove someware near the ferry terminal to do our thing. The scenery was great for pix only i reckon. Cos the salt level of the sea was unbearable for both grace & me. Water got into every hole on our face whenever we fall and it just pisses as off. Cos its really untolerable. And i got choked as well. We gave up & let the guys fluant their moves and wake the waves while we gurls just look pretty and tan on the speedboat. ;)

By 12.30pm, we were back to land and had a brief in the jazucci then head on to the pool once again for more intense sun baking sessions. And the results were pretty good. So delighted to finally have tann-lines!!! Pretty much the same activities throughout huh? This time grace & i went for spa (which btw wasnt as gd as bintan. shant go into details) b4 heading out to town. We managed to get a driver for 4 hours to bring us out to the town for another round of seafood and shopping at the local shopping center.

Well its of cos not very fantastic but it was an eye opener. Yunnoe, jus at the sliding doors of the center, there was a WANTED LIST of men up there. And for every girl you see, theres a guy beside her , me thinks to protect her. One more thing, grace and i were doing this digital finger printing on our nails whilst the guys promised to be back by 20mins or 9pm. However, by 915pm they were no ware to be found and the shops were all CLOSING. We had no money & no phones with us! We were so lost. We couldnt find them and we couldnt pay up! Fortunately the owners were chinese and they were very kind. They even bear to forgo the money! But i insisted that we should pay. So the man went around looking for the guys. *agony* I really cant imagine if the owners were erm.... yunnoe.. non chinese.... we were scared to tears! The man eventually found them, we paid and the guys had a earful from us. >.<

day 3

it was time to go... we din do much cept we gurls went to tan again & had lunchie at Amazon.....till then good bye..... batam we will be back for the SEAFOOOOOOOOOOOD.............!!!!!!

pix! pix!

Batam photos

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