Toshiba Singapore 30th Anniversary/ D&D

Either im lazy or i have narrated my D&D adventures too many times that im all so pooped to blog abt it. Haha. Nevertheless, I will. In order to stop telling people through mouth. So read this CLEARLY without missing any letters or words ya?

5th Nov 2004 was TSP (Toshiba SG in short) 30th Anniversary in conjunction with our annual D&D held at Mariott Mandarin. I prep myself with a DIY mani & pedi, a mask, a face scrub, a pore pack, loads of moisturister, a new dress, new pair of heels (pics in prev entry) and most importantly i had a new hairstyle Nicey?? This's how i look in my new dress b4 a haircut.

Moving on, I arrived prim & proper at 7pm sharp, with of course my dad's trustee 323. Then, bumped into Victor (who din realised my hair cut till monday), saw CK with 2 chics in his white honda, Hirano San (the cute Jap Snr Mgr here) who got lost together with Victor & me finally found the exact venue of the D&D. All thanks to the invitation card, it has nothing except useless information like Mariott Mandarin, & guest arrival at 6pm. Anyhoo, our MD came out of a HUGE birthday cake, there were fire crackers, sake opening with all the department heads, & most ridiculously TSP actually have a SONG!! Talking abt being creative... Hahah. But it was all good, TILL 2 drunken japanese old men shamelessly placed their stinky butt onto the seat beside me and tried to be FUNNY with me!!! Argh! Thankfully for Ailing, she quickly pulled me away and within SECONDS, the WHOLE table evacuated. LOL. Our table of girls all went to sit with the technical & sale team people. However, our food were still on the table!!! *groan*

Afterwhich, those 2 dirty old man went ahead with their hunt at our neighbour table. One of them actually tore a bit of my colleague's top!!! WTH! Soon after, they escaped as well with no 'injuries', thank goodness. But this doesnt stop them, as soon as we went back to our seats for our food, here they come again. This time round, Andy & Hirano san respectively sat on the empty seats beside us. In order to get rid of them completely, our GM, Nozawa san had to con and drag them away, which they initially wouldnt budge, Nozawa san had to get his boss to literally pull them away. SUCH DISGRACE!!!! *pissed*

Oh, my boss sabotaged me to dance with Andy during the so-called Ballroom Dance Competition when all we did were Cha-Cha & Rock &Roll. Embarrassing pictures below. But hey, i was sporting enough okay..... ;PpP

Despite getting the loudest cheers, all thanks to the support from my EID dept, we got 2nd only. Cos the other couple was a pair of seniors who worked in TSP pretty long already.. so ya... Gelong uh!! Wahahhaha... still i got myself a $100 taka voucher! *beams beams* Now i have a total of $150 taka voucher, like wot am i gonna do with them?!! No worries, my mum has it all planned out, without me even asking her lo. Haha. Btw, i din win the lucky draw. So upsetting. There were prizes like 21 inch plasma tv, protege lappy, 2 tickets to Perth/HK/Japan, DVD/r player, hot pot, rice cooker, etc etc, i din even win a hair dryer! Owell....

Part 2 of the D&D, the sales team (consisting of Masie, Andy, Christopher, Jimmy & Victor) invited us to join them at Devils. So i went with Ailing, Stephanie & Doris. Bumped in Chloe which was no surprise since Gordon's (her bf) dad own Devils. According to Grace, she is with the HR dept there. I also saw Jayme, a poly mate which i haven seen after graduation, guess she haven change a bit. Well, dance dance dance, came along another OLD man who tried to talk to me which i kinda wanna to kick his arse when he snatched the toilet from me when i was abt to leave. Wotever, music wasnt that good afterall, so we left for supper. Haha, a million thanks to the 2 jap men from level 2 R&D dept that we cant have our 8 course dinz in peace and had to resort to porridge at Havelock. Shant go into details, but..........................................................

Do I appeal to older men? Cos they seem to be popping out around me!!!

Dino (my fitness instructor) mentioned that we (gracie & me) should be looking for older men, like 10 yrs older (?!?!) so that we respect them more and they do in return to us. And to 'protect' us. Yes, i admit i hate all the guys to like girls that needed 'protection' type... but saving a damtress in distress was really quite a nice feeling.............

you reckon?

Go figure..

p/s: more d&d pictures on my yahoo! photos

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