Alright alright, I know I said I don't feel like bloggin anymore, but yes I'm here again. Especially when there is a lappy lying on my desk. So might as well, to kill time also (waiting for car) apparently granny fell on Tues and my parents went to visit her after their climb @bukit timah hill. You must be thinking, "Eun, you're so unfilial." Hey, they just told me abt it like 5 mins ago. Grannys really getting on age & I will drag Jiang to visit her soon as well.

Anyhow, I had my own chilling out session this morning since the attempt last night was foiled by my 'friendly' neighz, Henry. He dragged me to HV's Haagen Dazs for ice creams!! Middle of the nite, mind you. Hee.. Oh oh, yes chilling session. I swam 5 laps (to & fro 1 lap, right?), submersed myself with the Jacuzzi all by myself for half an hour. Then proceed on the tanning chair for a nice bask under the sun. Till came again all the kids & parents screaming their head off.

If only I make the effort to do that every weekend, then I will be a fit & tanned gurl. Hahaha. Lemme leave you a quote from 'friendly' neighz abt me,

"To ask you to exercise is like asking you to jump off the building"


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