Synergy performance @acs concert theatre

::the nite of performance::

This is a long due post, cos we attended it on 0307/04, if u realised, its 2 weeks back. Haa ;) Anyways, Su, Saw, beL & I had a hard time dealing with them dat nite. Nonetheless, kids are adorable no matter how much they scream, demand, cry, act like smart alec, as my heart melts when I witnessed them performed on stage that very night.

Prior, they were all running ard causing a whole lot of disturbance that their teacher had to lecture them. BUT, soon after, they're back to their selves AGAIN!! Not for the faint hearted. I really wonder how their teachers can tahan them! I prolly quit after say 10 mins? ;P Mabbe not, they might jus get murdered under my care. hurr...

Oh well oh well, lemme introduce them to you. Yutaki coaches them for dance, and yes, Hip Hop dance. (cute huh?) So naturally, we know these kids (actually im only interested in Racoon Ryan & Zebra Neil, its their roles in the play) Well, apparently there are others whose names i dont recall but there's one P5 kid living @Summerdale as well!! Just 3 levels below me, sg is small huh? Ryan & Neil are the cuties whom Im totally ga-ga over. Neil, a german & chinese mix & ryan jus has the most loveable lil face plus he dances well (P2 only!! loads of potential) These two are bestest friends I tell you! *pinch cheeks* Lastly, nicky - the mischievous one that is in love with Mr Yutaki (he calls him). In P1, he locks people up in the auditorium and landed up in the principal's office TWICE already. This I call a TERROR.

Think a post needs to be typed continuously. But i did it for an hour, on & off. So, thoughts just wont flow.

Shall end here. Hehe.

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