Place of crime: Steakhouse @cine
Time: 1900 h
People involved: Singaporeans & Aussies
Issue: Regarding some GST that he couldnt claim back (cheapskate)

Unruly: (on the mobile) YOUR F**CKING STUPID GIRL did not call me back. YOU ALL ARE BLOODY STUPID (with his deafening accent) YOU SINGAPOREANS ARE ALL STUPID FOOLS.

TL & me: (?!?!) WTF?! Wot is he trying to do?? (continues to listen)

Unruly: Oh, oh, I see. Is that right? GST claim must take 31 days to process. I see. Thanks for telling me that. I have been very stress with work, blah blah blah.

TL: Eh why he suddenly so nice uh?

Me: (shrugs)

Unruly: Wot?! Dun tell me you are stress with work too! YOU SINGAPOREANS DRIVES CHEAP CAR & ARE ALWAYS STRESS(cant hear properly). YOU BLOODY IDIOT. Now, tell me why YOUR STUPID !@*$#*@! GIRL NEVER CALL ME BACK!

TL: Quick, call the police.

Me: !?

Unruly: (hangs up the phone)

Waiters served him, & he ignored them. Asked for fries and when the fries came, he yells, "So much?!"

I was feeling patriotic already.

Unruly: (makes another phone call) May I speak to Madeline? WOT?! SPEAK ENGLISH, DON'T SPEAK SINGLISH. I DON'T UNDERSTAND! May I speak to Madeline?

Me: (to tL) now I know why there are murder cases around. I wanna STAB HIM WITH YOUR STEAK KNIFE NOW!!!

Unruly: I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU & YOUR SINGLISH. (and he starts scolding again with the limited adjectives he knows - F**KING, STUPID, BLOODY, IDIOTS & FOOLS)

Me: (tL was on the phone) there he goes again! Gosh!

Footnote: if he were to generalize all Singaporeans as fools and idiots, can I say all Aussies are.....impolite bast*rds?! WTF!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: All the abovementioned are true and none made up. However, if it has upset any aussies, pls blame him (not me).


  1. haha that is real funny, wish I saw that happening! Anyway, what's wrong with more fries, I'd def want more and not less. The waiter probably just wanted to stuff his mouth anyway... by the way, what's the answer for that pic? the one that's supposed to be edible? i've been racking my brains but just can't think of anything!!

  2. Everyone ought to c his arrogant attitude! I was really on the verge of lecturin him already. too bad we had to go catch a movie then. If i were the manager there, i would have asked him to mind his language or GET OUT!! Anyhow, the pic way below, its a green tea yogurt! hee.. dunoe ware my colleague got it from but it was surely yummilicious! *slurps*