I was home today, yes on a Saturday night. It is not about not having boyfriend/friends/neighbours to accompany you, its about yourself taking time off for yourself

You heard me right. Everyone can have their fun & joy everyday but I strongly believe that one should have time for themselves. Preferably one day of each week, I say. Enjoy the surroundings, the peace & the serenity. Main point is to take things off your mind. On the contrary, to think about other things that is important to you & not your friends, family or even your working company.

Today, I got lost in the series of SATC drama, relating some portions of the scenes & episodes to my life. As the title suggest, S*x. Is it all so important to men or in a relationship? How should girls/would you call young women should act in this century? Be traditional (like an asian) or open-minded (like the western)? Perhaps, a combination of the two. Well, it could be caused by parents constant reminder of being chaste & proper when they see their child/children going out of hand? Hence, I believe many are funky on the outside but still traditional deep down. Yet, it can be made believed by myself. I know of many other cases, that I dun call as exception tho.

Being 21 is such a crossroad, especially if you have taken the poly route. No smooth sail up to university. Hence, it takes a genius or a silver spoon kid to attain their degree. Otherwise, be face on with reality - the working world.

Reality hits. Whamp! You face it without preparation & confidence, which is a rather deadly truth. Unless of course, you are all ready to take up all assistant, administrative & bull-sh*t jobs, you will be fine. Trust me, it aren't easy.

There you go, you re insecure with life, loss & financially unstable. That's basically wot this 21 here is dealing with right now. Who can she share these woes with, cept this trusty blog I call, mine.

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  1. Anonymous22:29

    hey sis!

    juz read yer blog, pretty interesting. seriously, i've never seen u 'write' so much!

    Sorry i missed so many major events in yer life! i know the pressies can never make up for it but hey, we're siblings for life and i will alwis be there for u even if I'm Downunder!
    thanks for putting up with me all these years...haha...tuff for ya ain;t it? come on... i'm sure i;ve got some redeeming qualities right? (or was that a silly question?!)=P

    anyway, thanks also for the listening ear whenever i need it. I'm glad i have sis like u!

    -your brother

  2. actually its weird dat ya readin this! haha.. anyways, u nv seen me 'write' so much cos since my sec sch yrs ya gone n livin your own life already, ware got chance to let u edit my essays? tokin abt redeeming qualities.. is it a trick ques huh? well, send more pressies back! mabbe those can make up for it.. *evil luff*