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::thanks Sis!!::

Here's wot she wrote for me....

"Eunice is the 'sister that God had forgotten to give me' (quoted by her). She has been with me since i was 14 (i've never ever counted but wow! that's like 6 years now!). Throughout these years, we've seen each other grow from 'innocent little girls' to 'responsible young adults' (don't these words just go?). She has always been the supporting figure throughout my sec school life and years after. We've been through quite a lot together, as best friends, sisters, confidants and sorts.

Let us recap:
1997: I was a freshie then and she was my senior with great power in the band! Ask for the most fearsome senior and everyone would say it's her. no joke! when she gets mad, all the juniors would start wetting their pants! ok, now this is a joke.
1998-1999: The ice between use broke and we became better friends from staying back after band practices to 'study'. It was during this period that we became best of friends and did everything together like 'studying', shopping, playing, sleepovers, chatting, weeping, laughing, everything but talk on the phone. It's strange how we had only talked over the phone for less than 10 times for the past 6 years.
2000: after her graduation, came my year of glory as i became the assistant band major. It was largely due to her influence that i've got such inpiration and motivation to work hard in band to achieve my goals!
2001: We saw less of each other as we're in different schools but we would meet at yamaha every sunday for guitar lessons and our shopping day in town!
2002: This was when we had the real test of our friendship. There were many ups and downs in our lives and we managed to pull through them together or at least behind each other. She stood by me even though i neglected her because of a guy. She never failed to lend me a shoulder to cry on even though all i talked about was that guy. She seldom gets a chance to confide in me as all the free time i had mostly went to him. She beared with all these and believed that i still care for her even though i don't really show. That explains all.. i love you too sis! i'm sorry jie...
2003-2004: Our friendship is still growing strong even though we may be miles apart and missing each other badly. i wish i could be there with you on ur 21st but i sent a little piece of my heart to you instead. Enjoy.. "

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