Pent-up angst trapped within ..

The thing abt being 21 is the present is a must. And the thing abt having your birthday in Aug is like everyone else's birthday is before yours (i'm the youngest in class) so my point is, it seems like I've been buying & buying & buying, thinking & thinking & thinking, also agonizing & agonizing & agonizing (and still is.. ) about wot pressies to get! To top it up, I deemed to be the 'free' one to organized the meet up (wot de.. ?!) Urgh urgh.. In the end? You get the pressies, it doesn't seem appropriate, those sharing do not return money in time and you gotta pay up the balance. Wot kinda rubbish is this?! I'm pissed k! One more rant, just because you drive, and stay in Boon Lay, it doesn't mean that everyone is on my way back to drop off when you're traveling from East Coast/Paris Ris to home! Unbeknownst to some, I drive is to facilitate my journey home and to get back in split second! **boo to those shameless ones who always want a ride from me!
(Disclaimer: I'm pissed whilst at this, do not be offended.)

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