300 buckaroos

  • specys ($160)
  • purple titanium belly stud ($4.90)
  • pinky beady loop earrings ($5.90)
  • 2mng tops ($19 & $13)
  • 1zara top ($16.90)
  • x:odus ballet flats ($39.90)
  • dinner for 2 @pastafresa ($36.90)

someone just shoot me on my head!! i actually spent near to 300 buckaroos over just 1 weekend!!! All specys fault!! :( And still, i have one more thing to get, its the Kyocera Finecam SL300R !! Way too cool!! Check it out here

    ::they've got the blue & red ones in JAPAN ONLY!!!!::

    ::and i can only settle for this boring colourrr... *pouts::

stuck in the moment

Instance 1
Think: Skinny tall guy seen with flat gelled shoulder length hair with sharp pointed comb sticking out of his pocket = Ah Beng (?!)
Scene: Quarrelling with a BK fast food manager, telling him to quit staring at him and to serve his customers.
Me: (tots) How not to stare when ya dressed like dat? Maybe I should sing him the song, Stuck in the Moment - U2 *LOL

Instance 2
Think: Group of sec 1 or 2 kids hanging out at Macs.
Scene: Arrival of 2 policemen. Disperse of group.
TL: Got the balls to do, have the balls to admit.
Me: Oh, grow up...

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