mini gathering

Met up with tim & jason las nite downstairs and jason din change a bit cept they came in a bike (?!) haha.. we met up, chatted and all.. aplenty memories were mentioned and worth reminiscing of. Like their st. pats days.. ( i jus listened only... ), how we know each other thru who n who.. jamie.. fergus.. gab.. ya li.. all were part of our conversation as well. Oh, if jamie ever read this, hope ya doin fine and I Miss u!! ;) then they spent much of the wee hours convincing me how NS life is and how should i understand tL. *shrugs* yea, kinda 'quarrelled' with him lar, i also dunoe wot to do. Well, i'm jus afraid that we will drift apart which i dun want any of such to happen.. sighh, think we need to talk darling, hope that doesnt send a shiver down your spine.. ayeeeee....... oh! now i drift away.. anyhow, yes tim you will get the mambo haversack which i probably will use that to threaten u for life..*evil laughter* as for jason, so long till i c you again. meet up soon!! on a fri/wkend nite next time ya! *yawns*

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