Little sm:)es in life

  • sms-ing my dad instead of Nai this; "Im in my clubbing mood, don't ask why. Fri you booking out? Let's club. Ask your gf when she's back. Then we can go PARTY!!" ($5000)
  • wonderful r&b music on radio, setting me into the mood to club! ($1000)
  • receiving my ex-neighbour's sms asking if I wanted to slack/supper with Jason and him. ($10,000)
  • seeing my boss's urgggh look when I stack another pile of invoices on his in-tray right after he just signed a ton of them (priceless!) *evil*

Little downs in life

  • having routine work load month after month
  • not having enough sleep
  • always tired yet unable to sleep at night
  • growing fat
  • him treating like nothing has happened! screamssssssssssss...!!!

verdict: I'm jus missing him like crazy...

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