well readers, i thank you for all the comments! some came as an enlightenment, while others came as a shock as well. on the whole, I HAVE GOT MORE TO SAY!! Haha. Here goes, some say if your partner treats u like shit, u can go look for others. But i say, y stick on if your partner doesnt even treasure u? I know, heart matters cannot be dropped jus like dat, but think about it, wouldnt it be better to jus break it off? Well, I would certainly, actually for sure. My friend commented, I'm kinda thinkin too much at my age. Giving self too much restrictions and all, even my mum says I cannot have bf now cos i have not seen the world. True. I agree on those statements. However you see, when love comes, u cant block it. I'm also not sayin the present bf will be my now and forever, am I right? We also cannot be searchin for love all our life. Its like a story told. Once a fairy told a boy to pick walk along a path and pick the most beautiful flower he sees. As told, he walked. He saw a very pretty red blooming rose, but he din pick it up. Why? Cause he tot to himself, I can find a prettier one. He walked on, this time he swear to have seen the prettiest daisy ever, but again, he din pick it up. Those same tot of 'I will find something better' hovered his mind. In the end? He walked to the end of the road and had nothing back. The fairy asked, "How come?" You know wot's the answer is rite? This is not it, the fairy gave him another chance and got him walking on another pavement. This time round, he picked a so-so looking flower back. The fairy asked, "why?" He said, I'm afraid I might not be able to find a nicer flower. And this's the same theory for love!! Well, thats wot I believe.. Why not just make the best out of something instead of lookin for the best? But if things dun work out, then there you can look at another open door.

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