May I request my readers to cast their tots on my chat box below regarding this issue I'm gonna discuss now? Well, as I was walkin to the office, I had many thoughts Yes, the distance is not long, but I jus thought of many stuff. Haha. Anyhow, its about when one is in a relationship, should they still look for greener pasture out there? Or jus stick to one? Well, many of the girls out there may still be very eligible after being attached, hence the suitors. Look, I'm not saying I'm jealous or lack of any, neither tryin to say I've suitors, I just thought those girls aren't that 'morally right' about this. Yes, sticking to one may or may not be to seem 'silly' cause i have also experienced and witnessed girls having their feelings cheated and in the end have no, wot they call 'spare tyres'. Spare tyres are often there to 'safeguard' their own feelings... in computer terms, to 'backup'. Wot my opinion is, once you're attached, you can make friends with the opposite sex, but pls, to a limit. You should know wot's right n wot's wrong to do, act or be. 'Fen chun' in chinese. Its like drinkin. You know your own drinkin limit, however many still attempt to go further than that. why? to get high? And wot? You look prettier or more handsome when you're drunk? Rubbish I say. Another example, should one be flirting aroud when you're attached while clubbing? Tell me I'm conservative. But I seriously cant do it now, future and never. Now, you people know wot Im driving at? Tell me your thoughts ya? I'm jus hoping to find more pple who share the same as me, to be relieved that the world is still, erm right..

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