yo readers, im back crapping again. this wkend+p.H wk has been a real fast one... together with the $$ in my pkt as many of my friends are turnin 21 this two mths!!! total abt .. 5 of them..? sigh.. still its a once in a lifetime thing.. so ya... this feb (1st to be exact) is GRACe'SSss birthDAy!!! HappPPy 21sT!! hehe.. so of cos the long planned party finally came & its sure a successful one! i bet she had helluva gd time, rite my dear? =) and this is y there's more pictures to see too!! oh, did i mention i made something for her? heh heh... i mus boast abt it.. hee..... its a door curtain.. inspired from the mag, Seventeen .. take a peep..

::isnt it pretty??::
well, after this one, i guess im not gonna make it anymore unless someone pays me for it.. i spent abt 9hrs completing it!! alone!! sleepless nites.. *yawns* haha.. but its all worthwhile seeing her face lit up when she received it!! hee!!
oh btw, i went to uncle francis's pad which was practically a japanese hse cos he has a jap wife... erm, ya, for dinner!! so the dishes were inevitably all mouth-watering japanese dishes..yummy..!! and my excited mummy got me to snap a few pic... all found in my link "pix gallery 2" .. dat wraps up my wkend.. and hoz yers ? hope u had fun!!!! *poof*

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