wooooohooooooo.... official LNY days are over... no more "wot are u doing now" greetingss..... woohoooooo...... freedom is here.. freedom is here.. ah the new year nuts mus have got into my head.. oh well... here im back yakking away.. foremost yak abt CNY eve.. usual reunion dinner at singa inn (boring) but unusual post-reunion activity at CHINATOWN with family & aunt!! this yr was pretty special cos i saw FIREWORKs for the first time in my 20yrs life!! yeaaaaaaaaaa..... hee.. unfortunately unable to catch the firecrackers though.. probably gotta wait another 20 yrs? haha.. anyway the las works was magnificent! WOWWW.. over 10 colours sparkled throughout the sky all at a time.. that sight was memorable. too bad no evidence of it, juz memory. well, after that we 'squeezed' ard CT and went to Terence's stall, yes, he was selling woman's heels & slippers with his friends, plainly for fun. Seein them in Tee and berms, oh, typical 'UncLes'. *gRinZ* oh, think thats abt all of my LNY.. haha! excitement starts & ends on the eve. stil, it was different. well, some snapshots by

my lil' cuz, Eleanor ..

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